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Why it is stupid to pull caster on a KE70 AE86

Circa 2005 caster is the most amazing thing drifting community has come across of. It improves your grip, steering feel and make you steer super fast during counter. But that was 2005 bro, when angle mods are still unheard off. With the angle mods we have now days and the way car is setup caster is no longer needed. Ill elaborate more on the front suspension geometry on a different post in few days.

But here is what waiting for you if you still think caster is the way. Torn out bushings and no grip. so yeah.

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Syed Shamim & Tasha Manshahar in Solaris

Since 2011 ive started to follow and listening to Syed Shamim & Tasha Manshahar music. I am really happy their song Be Mine managed to made it to the big league and doing great since. When i heard they are gonna play in Solaris for an hour, I had to be there and watch them live. Best decision ever.

They are both equally beautiful and have great talent. Not to mention friendly and cool. We need more duo like them with ability to write, sing, play instrument and perform live. I have high hopes for these two, lets wish they will make it in the music industry and keep on making amazing song that is so original. Song like Be Mine, ABC (ILY), Masih perlu, our song, cuba teka is amazing, they also have the ability to reorganize a song and make a unique cover with new arrangement.

If you guys havent started listening to them, please do so. Link below


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You know what

Panther TXR

whats better than 1 TXR 150 Suzuki?. thats right 2 TXR 150 Suzuki.


Bye money pit

Bye money pit

Panther TXR 150

New work bike. had to fiddle with the aesthetics of the bike. gunning for retro factory look. pretty much nailed it with the stripe. thats the only thing im gonna touch on it. next on list is riding the fuck out of it.

Hey guys watch this

Some downtime since im busy with work. Coming up from “Just Workshop Lori” to working for Japan best commercial vehicle company Nissan Diesel UD and now working for World No.1 and 3 years in running world best truck brand Hino Motors (M). Its quite far from my passion in race builds, but the skills I have in commercial vehicle business is too great to just be put away. Work is great, my immediate supervisor is Japanese. So i really need to get my Japanese on boy.

Anyhow check this girl song out. She will make it big someday. And i found her before she was mainstream haha.

Anna Akana