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Satria Neo R3 Turbo..

Stole from cari forum..

Here’s the link : http://cforum2.cari.com.my/viewthread.php?tid=2134027&extra=page%3D1

PROTON Satria NEO R3 Concept car @ KLIMS 2010
PROTON showcased a menacing, track-focused Satria Neo R3 Concept at KLIMS 2010 today, setting a new benchmark in performance within PROTON’s product line up. Powered by a R3-developed turbocharged CAMPRO CPS which outputs 200hp and 250Nm of torque, this is the fastest Neo by PROTON to date and purposely built as a Time Attack weapon. The  signature R3-red is gone, replaced with new yellow-striped livery. Enough goodies to satisfy hardcore nuts and R3 fans alike!

Some specs at a glance:

  • AP Racing brakes and Ohlins suspension system provides the ultimate driving experience
  • Racing aerodynamics enhanced by R3-designed bodykit with a front splitter for optimal down force
  • Lightweight carbon fibre bonnet and FRP fenders to reduce overall weight
  • Recaro shell seats provides ultimate driver support during spirited driving
  • SPARCO steering wheel R323 for added control
  • Integrated, colour-coded half cage gives added protection to driver.

Detailed Vehicle Specifications


  • 2 door compact
  • R3 bolt-on CDS 4-point half roll-cage


  • Overall length – 4473mm
  • Width – 1821mm
  • Wheelbase – 2600mm
  • Track front – 1488mm
  • Track rear – 1488mm


  • 16V 1597cc CAMPRO 4-cylinder in line DOHC
  • R3 forged pistons 11:1 comp ratio
  • R3 steel conrod
  • R3 performance camshafts
  • R3 reworked cylinder head
  • R3 4-2 exhaust system stage 3
  • R3 carbon airbox
  • R3 management computer
  • 170PS/200hp & 200Nm @ wheel


  • R3-spec close ratio gearbox


  • R3-designed interior wrapped with Alcantara and Nappa leather
  • SPARCO steering wheel R323, 330mm with R3 60mm spacer
  • R3 4-point half roll-cage, colour-coded yellow


  • McPherson strut with stabiliser bar
  • R3-tuned Ohlins coilovers


  • Multi link with stabiliser bar
  • R3-tuned Ohlins coil over


  • R3-designed 15” wheels M7510 Wheel Assy 15 x 7 ET 37
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE55S semi slick tyre 190/50 R15


  • AP Racing 4-pot brake system
  • AP Racing floating disc 295mm
  • AP Racing performance brake pads

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